I don’t want to type this.

I don’t want another curtain call, but the show is over.

I’m sure you know what’s going on.

Over two hundred followers will read this post, adding views to a count currently totaling over twenty-two thousand, and to each of you I would like to say goodbye.

Now, I suppose it’s not goodbye to me. I’m sure I’ll still be much too present on WordPress through my creativity outlet blog The Night Writings. However, I will be shutting down (or at least, not using) MSJ


I’m sure a good deal of you have the above question running through your heads, and I’m sorry my answer isn’t great, but the truth is that I’ve outgrown this. The Clique is something I enjoyed years ago, and it just isn’t something I like anymore. I don’t look up to Massie Block as written in the books, and the version of her that I’ve written into this blog is completely different from the original. Clique blogging is fun, and creative, but I think it’s been done to death, and I’m ready to do something different in this WP community. 

And so for now, I’ll only have one blog, my personal The Night Writings.

Ways to keep in touch:

– Ask.Fm:

– Instagram: @laureningmire @juxtapoise

– Tumblr:


It’s been fun, guys! 

See you on TNW.